The Fairytale of the 25 year Solar Workmanship Warranty

2017-08-16 by lisawalsh

As the popularity of solar has increased – so has the number of competing contractors and their accompanying solar proposals. All of these proposals should include a workmanship warranty. What will differ is the duration of the workmanship warranty. The standard duration for a residential solar system was always 5 - 10 years until a couple of years ago when some contractors started offering an unprecedented 25-year workmanship warranty. This is a good thing, right? On paper…sure.

Diagnosing and Preventing Critter Damage to Solar Panel Arrays

2017-06-05 by lisawalsh

It’s no secret that hundreds of thousands of homes have installed roof mounted solar panels, with that number increasing with each passing day. The upward trend brings increasing problems that arise when tech meets nature. In an acorn shell – we’re talking critters who nest, feed, chew and live their critter lives in and around solar panel installations.

Poly Vs Mono Panels for Residential Solar Installations

2017-05-30 by lisawalsh

If – like most educated consumers – you’re getting multiple quotes for your solar power installation, you’re probably having to compare between various equipment offerings by your solar vendors. The most prominent of these offerings – both in terms of financial investment and warranty security –are the solar panels themselves.  Price points vary particularly between Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline panels - so what gives?

Solar Financing via Maryland's Be Smart Loan Program

2017-05-12 by lisawalsh

Energy Services, Inc. recently became an approved contractor with the Be SMART Home Loan Program. This State of Maryland financing vehicle offers unsecured loans of up to $30,000 at a 4.99% interest rate. Aimed towards Maryland residents looking to lower utility costs, improve energy efficiency and add value to their Maryland home. The following solar projects qualify:

Press Release: Ribbon Cutting for SES in Talbot County - Eastern Shore

2017-02-22 by johnmarrah

On Tuesday, February 21, the Talbot County Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting for Solar Energy Services at Hot Desks, located at 7 Goldsborough Street in Easton. 

Question of the Day: Will the new Administration affect my Solar Incentives?

2017-02-06 by lisawalsh

"Will the new Trump Administration affect residential and/or commercial solar incentives?".  This question has been posed to me multiple times in the past few weeks, so here's our official stance...

First Community Solar Project in Washington DC

2017-01-13 by lisawalsh

Father/Daughter team up for Washington DC's first community Solar project

Washington DC Solar Owners and Selling Solar RECs Upfront

2016-11-28 by lisawalsh

If you're a Washington DC Solar Shopper and have been thinking of selling your Solar RECs upfront in exchange for a low installation price, think again...

Non-South facing solar panel installs in Maryland, DC and Virginia

2016-09-30 by lisawalsh

Not all homes have a perfectly south facing roof - the optimum orientation for solar panels.   For roofs that face East-West (and everything in between), you may be wondering which roof would best suited for solar.  This is a good question given the fact that the output of your solar panels is directly related to your Return on Investment and how quickly the panels can pay for themselves.

PACE Solar Financing in Maryland and Washington DC

2016-09-20 by Rick Peters

Can't afford solar for your commercial building?  Think again...