Solar Power for Maryland's Eastern Shore

"I’m very pleased that, in it’s first year, my system produced more power than was forecast by SES’s salesman.  Makes a nice change  to work with folks who don’t oversell their product but remain realistic and honest."
Charles Mylander, Stevensville MD
An excellent experience. Solar Energy Services was one of very few companies with the breadth of expertise to be able to provide and install ballast mounted solar panels that would not damage my roof, but would be safe in my high wind location.
Susan Sweeney, Talbot County MD

Maryland's beautiful Eastern Shore is ideally suited to solar power.  Whether you're looking for a low-profile roof or ground-mounted solar PV system for your home (or 2nd home), or hoping to offset utility bills on your agricultural business, our vast experience insures a customized solar solution for your Eastern-shore property.