Residential Solar Panels

SES you are truly a rare contractor breed.
"I’m very pleased that, in it’s first year, my system produced more power than was forecast by SES’s salesman.  Makes a nice change  to work with folks who don’t oversell their product but remain realistic and honest."
Charles Mylander, Stevensville MD
"This company has been in business for quite a while and also services existing systems (theirs or others) -- they are not one of the 'born yesterday' companies that have sprung up when government incentives/rebates started back up. Based on my experience so far I would definitely recommend this company if you are considering a solar system." Angie's List Reviewer

An excellent experience. Solar Energy Services was one of very few companies with the breadth of expertise to be able to provide and install ballast mounted solar panels that would not damage my roof, but would be safe in my high wind location.
Susan Sweeney, Talbot County MD

Solar Electric Power

These grid-tied systems use the sun's energy to power all the electrical devices in your home.  Most of our customers offset between 30% and 100% of their utility bill with solar energy.

Solar Water Heating (Thermal)

These systems are entirely separate from solar electric panels.  For a family of four or more who heat their water with propane, electric (even solar electric!), or oil - these systems are the MOST cost-effective way to heat water.  They can also be used to heat indoor pools and hot tubs.

Outdoor Solar Pool Heating Systems

Compared to heating a pool with gas or electric, these super-simple solar systems are by far the most cost-effective solution for outdoor pool heating.  With a temperature increase of around 10 degrees, these systems greatly extend the swim season for our happy customers.