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Solar Monitoring

You may be thinking that if you're going to make this investment, you'd really like to be able to monitor the performance of your solar system. In the last few years most inverter manufacturers offer some type of web monitoring capability. Whether you have micro inverters or string inverters on your solar system, it is now easier than ever to get robust graphical performance monitoring via the web so your operations manager or any interested stakeholders can see how your system is performing at any point in time. Many are leveraging the educational benefits too.

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Solar water heating systems have less sophisticated monitoring than solar electric, but there have been significant improvements in recent years here as well. While a robust, web-based monitoring system typically adds a premium for a solar water heater, SES always installs a basic energy meter to quantify the system's production, at no extra charge.

  • Stephen Schad, Anne Arundel County

    Stephen Schad, Anne Arundel County

    We have been very pleased with the system and the follow-through by the company. We are hoping to shave $30 - $40 per month off of our electric bill and you can't even tell the difference from our old energy guzzling electric hot water heater. I really liked how this company took care of all the paperwork for the grants for the state and county plus gave me documentation for my federal tax credit.

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