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35 years
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Sunshine's a Wastin'

Solar Energy Services

Over 35 years!

Who is Solar Energy Services, Inc.?

Solar Energy Services, Inc. (SES) is a Maryland-based solar installation and service contractor whose management has been installing solar systems longer than any other company. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured local installer of all forms of distributed solar energy systems. We install solar electric (PV), solar water heating and solar pool heating for residential and commercial applications. With over thirty years of experience in the industry, no one has been doing it longer than us in the mid-Atlantic. 

We're Local

Because we are a local business we care about the community we serve. We are a locally owned and operated company in Anne Arundel County.  Our valued employees live in most of the same communities as our customers.  We have experience working with families, organizations, and business owners all across Maryland and Washington D.C.  SES is thoroughly committed to the work ethic, trust and integrity that maintain our good reputation.

Our Commitment

We know the industry inside and out. Our commitment goes beyond the knowledge of current government incentives and trends. We are experts in both the latest developments in solar system technology, as well as the tried-and-true mature technologies of passive solar and solar water heating.  Through this experience and knowledge we are able to offer the most economical solutions to our customers and maximize return on investment.

What we do

We design and install all forms of distributed solar: solar electric, solar water heating and solar pool heating.  That's right, the Sun heating water.  A lot of people know about solar electric systems--the solar panels on rooftops that provide electricity to homes and businesses across the country, but not as many are familiar with solar hot water systems. We are experts with both Solar Hot Water systems and Solar Electric systems.  It is usually a combination of these two technologies that maximizes the value of a residential solar investment.  SES also services our systems when needed.  Although service requirements are minimal, we have an experienced service department that has encountered just about every problem your solar system could possibly have. So, if a problem were to arise, our crew can diagnose and correct the issue quickly and efficiently.

  • Terry Cooper, Gaithersburg MD

    Terry Cooper, Gaithersburg MD Pool Heating

    I can't begin to say thank you enough to you and the team. Your team finished on April 21st and on April 25th we were already in the pool with 76 degree water. The system is AMAZING and the best home improvement investment we have made. Thanks again for a wonderful job and for starting our summer much earlier.

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